Top manufacturer

Lardshid is one of the best brands of porcelain in the Middle East

Durable china

Lordshid produces the highest quality porcelain.

professional design

You can see the most creative designs of porcelain in Lardshid

after sales service

After-sales service of products is a distinct service of Lordshid.

What is Lordshade!

Lordshade is one of the best brands of porcelain in Iran.

Iran – Khorasan Razavi

Mashhad – Toos Industrial Town – Phase Two – Andisheh 11 – Danesh 10 – Contact Number: 05135414600

We also accept sales agents ⸻

Dowry service

Lordshid has considered the best quality of its products for the women’s dowry service. In addition to the high quality of the products, the price is reasonable and the designs are up-to-date and antique-friendly, which is intended for all Iranian tastes.


Catering utensil

Lordshid has produced all the necessary utensils for catering and you can use it in home and hotel catering with a variety of up-to-date designs. Lordshid has provided catering utensils with the lowest prices and the highest quality.

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