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lordshade is one of the brands of Pegah Sholeh Khorasan Company, which has been in production since 2020.

Pegah Sholeh Khorasan Company

Pegah Sholeh Khorasan Company, with more than ten years of experience, has been active in photo-turning products, and in 1398, it launched a production line of porcelain dishes under the Lardshid brand, and this company has achieved countless achievements under the management of Davood Jalaei.

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Iran Shargh Industrial Group, with more than 40 years of experience in producing all kinds of home appliances, is proud to employ engineers and specialists in this profession, to produce quality goods in accordance with the needs of each Iranian home and its position in domestic and global markets. Maintain.



Chlorine Industries Company, with the aim of producing all kinds of home appliances in line with global competition, started production in 2013 in Khayyam Industrial Town of Neishabour city and started its work by building large halls on a land with an area of 36,000 square meters and 14,000 square meters of infrastructure. And each year went better than the previous year, so much so that in 2015, its product of refrigerators, freezers and refrigerators was mass-produced.


Number of Staff

The number of collaborating personnel in Iran Shargh, Klor and Lardshid holdings is more than 3000 people.



The number of brands produced by Hollandig is more than 4, which is Lardshid for porcelain dishes.


Production of products

More than one million products of porcelain products are produced by Pegah Sholeh factory in Khorasan.

Where is lordshade?

Iran – Khorasan Razavi

Mashhad – Toos Industrial Town – Phase Two – Andisheh 11 – Danesh 10 – Contact Number: 05135414600